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The Queen of Jordan Makes Michelle Obama Look Like a Classless Fool

The Queen of Jordan, Rania Al-Abdullah, who has 2.6 million Instagram followers, has acknowledged that social media has ‘opened a window’ into her life and helped to ‘demystify’ who she is.

Queen Rania is a mother of 4 children and a highly influential political figure who became Queen at the young age of 28. Her beauty and modesty have caught the eye of the press.

Michelle Obama, who hosted Rania at the White House in 2009, could certainly take a lesson from the Queen in humility. In regards to her royal title, Queen Rania simply said this:

‘Being a queen is a job like any other. It has nothing to do with crowns, carriages or castles… I made a commitment to the people of Jordan to serve them to the best of my ability.’

Unlike the Queen, Michelle Obama has worked to incite anger and cause divisiveness with her speech. Remember when Michelle Obama suggested conservatives don’t understand diversity?? And told the graduating class of City College in New York that she woke up every day “in a house that was built by slaves”??

Compare the words of Michelle Obama to those of Queen Rania, and the difference between the two women is clear.

When accepting the Foreign Press Association’s Humanitarian Award in November, Queen Rania urged people to ‘find our way back to the basics of simply listening to each other, of trying to see through each other’s eyes…’

Queen Rania has been outspoken about the Syrian refugee crisis and its financial strain on Jordan. She admits there is a refugee problem – something Michelle won’t do – and that her country is in need of a better system.

In stark contrast to Queen Rania, Michelle Obama has been silent on the refugee crisis while her husband, President Obama gives American citizenships away to refugees like candy.

Rania is not afraid to use the term ISIS, yet discusses how unfortunate it is that global terror is implicating Muslims. The Queen urges people not paint all refugees with the same brush. She points out that good people must continue to act on their values in all situations, but a better system is needed.

Her compassion for the refugees and ability to discuss the reality of the crisis, shows that she cares more about women’s rights and education than she does politics. Here she is in 2015, addressing the crisis:

It only Michelle Obama would take a stand for women’s rights in the Middle East instead of obsessing over school lunches in the United States. At least we have one female world leader to look up to and rely upon for intelligent discourse.

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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