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Rapper Nicki Minaj Compares Herself To Underground Railroad Liberator Harriet Tubman Because Everything Is Stupid

On Monday, in one of the most tone-deaf references in recent memory, rapper Nicki Minaj, who is most famous for shaking her ample rear while rapidly syllabizing, compared herself to Harriet Tubman, a leader in the underground railroad who saved dozens of slaves by smuggling them to freedom. Minaj tweeted:

She then followed up this comparison with an even more bizarre explanation:

Yes, freeing slaves in 1855 America was somewhat akin to allowing streaming services to count toward the Billboard charts. Perhaps some historical perspective might be in order, but we no longer do historical perspective in the United States. Minaj continued to double down on this ridiculous comparison, telling TMZ, “I am the new Harriet Tubman…I am Harriet Tubman. Leave me alone.”

Only an artist with Minaj’s obvious bravery would compare Harriet Tubman’s actions in confronting violent slaveowners with rapping lyrics like these:

I’m a bad bitch, suck some dick (okay)
If that bitch get slick, I’ll cut the bitch
I’ll cut up the bitch, I’ll gut the bitch (okay)
Had to f*** up the bitch, man, fuck the bitch
Won’t shoot her but I will gun-butt the bitch
When we say “Fuck the b***” dick-up the bitch
She was stuck-up so my n****s stuck up the bitch
Still draggin’ her so don’t pick up the bitch
Get the combination to the safe, drug the bitch
Know the whole operation been bugged the bitch

So. Much. Empowerment.

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