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READ: Mother of Disabled Son Who Chelsea Clinton and JK Rowling Said Trump Snubbed — Responds on Facebook

Liberals stepped all over themselves this week by falsely accusing President Trump of snubbing a boy in a tiny wheelchair at a White House event who was seen reaching up to Trump while the president spoke with his mother and father.

In actuality, as reported earlier, President Trump had warmly greeted the boy at the beginning of the anti-Obamacare event held in the Blue Room on Monday. Also, it turns out the boy, Montgomery ‘Monty’ Weer, was no stranger to the White House having been received, with his mother, last month by Vice President Pence and First Lady Melania Trump.

One of the liberals who jumped on the Trump-bashing bandwagon was J. K. Rowling who tweeted out several attacks on President Trump over the assumed disregard for the handicapped boy.

Rowling went on a Twitter rant about the “stunning moment,” claiming Trump avoided the child “as though frightened he might catch his condition.”

Chelsea Clinton also bought into the lie. Then she lectured President Trump once she got busted.

On Sunday the boy’s mother took to Facebook to slam the far left author.

Via Reddit:

Marjorie’s cousin weighed in too.

My cousin fighting for her boy. Stay strong, Marjorie Kelly Weer. Proud of you.

Posted by Jonathan Bubar on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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