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Reba McEntire Makes Pro-America Song With A Strong Message

Reba McEntire, a well-known country singer, just released a new hit song with a powerful message. From the first time Reba’s song aired on the radio it moved millions of people and taught a lesson to the people who showed their hatred towards President Trump in many ways.

In the song, she sings about all of us have forgotten to focus on turning this nation towards God, in these times when Americans are disrespecting their own values, attacking the police and the military force which are keeping our country safe.

So, she wrote, “You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying.” With a little more faith, and a little more respect for faith, the turmoil and division in this country will die down. This country will unite under our President.”

And while Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Rosie O’Donnell and many others are encouraging the American citizens to get out and fight our president, in other words approving violence, people like Reba are reminding us that with love and trust we can conquer everything together with President Trump.

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