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“Refugees” Block the Road… Trucker Gets Brutal Payback With 1 Quick Turn of His Wheel

The tunnel below the English Channel from Calais, France, to Dover, England, is one of the primary means of transportation between the two nations. It is also the primary source of migrants moving from France to Great Britain.

A much-watched video has been posted on YouTube showing a truck driver making his way on the highway to the tunnel before swerving at the migrants. The trucker gives a profanity-laced rant, with English subtitles in the video.

As has often been noted, the age and gender of the “refugees” is decidedly uniform – almost all are male, late teens to thirties. This seems strange, if they are indeed “refugees.” Where are the children, the elderly, the women?

“There is a lot of them again,” the truck driver exclaims. “Here are the kids. Hello! Why don’t you sons of b*****s go back home and fight? Your women got the weapons and fighting against … ISIS! F*** you!”

At around the five minute point in the video, the truck driver, clearly frustrated, swerves at them, as the migrants dart out of the way. It does not appear that the driver’s intention was to actually hit them, but merely to scare them.

The video shows vividly the problem facing Europe with the ongoing migrant (I’m sorry, “refugee”) issue. Thousands upon thousands of fighting-age men are flooding into places like France and Great Britain. With little to no useable work skills, and not speaking the language. But they will need to be cared for, and the generous European welfare systems are being pushed beyond the breaking point.

And, of course, some are even hostile to the host societies that are taking them in.

Hillary Clinton wanted to increase the number of refugees allowed entry to the United States.

This is part of why we will have a President Trump in January.

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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