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Remake of Vigilante Film ‘Death Wish’ WAY too Much for Delicate Libs, Bruce Willis Now ‘Alt-Right’

Since Donald Trump was elected president, liberal hysteria has reached all time highs. From rioting in the streets to nonstop coverage of their Russia conspiracy theory, Trump’s election has caused the left to go completely insane.

While every move Trump makes results in a liberal freak out, the hyperventilating doesn’t stop there. Far from satisfied with their role as the PC police, the left has taken on the role of fun police as well. Even Hollywood, typically a bastion of liberal sympathy, is taking heat from hysterical snowflakes. Films like “Dunkirk,” based on a real event, are blasted for not featuring more women or people of color. Never mind the fact that they weren’t actually there when the event happened.

Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that yet another movie is drawing the outrage of liberals everywhere. The much hyped remake of the 1974 action movie “Death Wish” has many moviegoers excited to hit theaters. However, the newly-released trailer had some in a tizzy.

From USA Today:

The trailer for Roth’s Death Wish remake arrived Thursday, featuring Willis playing Dr. Paul Kersey, a Chicago surgeon-turned-vigilante who, after criminals assault his wife and daughter, decides to brutally hunt them down himself.

After the release of the trailer, liberals exploded with outrage:

While some fans celebrated the trailer’s release, many Twitter commenters condemned the violence of the trailer, calling its tone a poor fit for America’s fraught political climate.

“Fair or not, I can’t think of a more tone-deaf idea in this political/social environment than white filmmakers remaking #DEATHWISH,” tweeted Forbes critic Scott Mendelson.

“Pretty sure the NRA just found their next ad,” wrote one Twitter user, with another calling the trailer “a grim, grave, corrosive urban horror picture.

Some took to Twitter to voice their displeasure:

Like everything else, where most see a typical action movie, liberals see racism. In today’s political climate, seemingly nothing can escape the social justice hysteria. Not even their allies in Hollywood can stay in line.

Of course, this is the kind of identity politics that Americans firmly reject at voting booths. However, liberals continue to push divisive rhetoric into every corner of American life. But just like voters, most moviegoers won’t care about the hysteria.

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