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Rep. Brad Sherman Published An Article Calling For Trump’s Impeachment

Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman published an article about Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday that accuses him of obstructing justice during the federal probe of Russia’s 2016 election interfering.

This move by the California Democrat wasn’t a surprise but there is one obvious problem, the article was supported only by one person.

According to The Hill, Democrat Rep. Al Green was the only supporter of the article, a Houston lawmaker who has called for Trump’s impeachment previous times.

And another problem with this article is that even though the media constantly propagated this, there have been no evidence of such thing.

“In the spirit of keeping the republic, I have concluded that the president has obstructed justice and in so doing, the remedy for obstruction of justice is impeachment,” Green stated in a news conference on July 5.

“The president will not be indicted while he is in office, and while there is some merit in talking about the judicial process, the impeachment process is the one that will bring him before the bar of justice,” he continued.

We didn’t see this adamant call for justice when Hillary Clinton was involved in several scandals, which only suggests that the reason for this impeachment call is politically motivated.

This is just another sad attempt by Democrats for revenge because they lost the election. But this cannot be damaging for Trump seeing how it received support only from one person.

The Hill reported that Democratic leaders in the House “reacted with caution to Sherman’s move.”

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