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Rep. Maxine Waters Only Wants One Thing for Her Birthday Tomorrow: I Want Trump to Be Removed From Office

With Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-Calif.) 80th birthday being on Wednesday, she was asked during an interview on MSNBC what her one birthday wish would be if she was granted one.

Without skipping a beat, Waters said she wants President Donald Trump to be impeached and removed from office.

She would then want the person who replaces Trump to be respected from all around the world and not divide the country.

“My biggest birthday wish would be that we’re able to get a leader of this country who represents us, who has the respect of all of our allies all over the world,” Waters said. “Someone who has an appreciation for the Constitution. Someone that does not lie every morning when they get up with these tweets.”

Watch the video below:

“[Trump] is undermining our democracy,” Waters continued. “He is making us ashamed of him, and he’s been destructive to this democracy.

“I would wish that we could remove him from office and go about getting the kind of president that we could all be proud of,” she added.

If in the off-chance Trump is not impeached for Waters’ birthday on Wednesday, she said voters will have to show up in 2020 to vote him out.

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