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Reporter Dragged Out Ahead of Trump-Putin Press Conference

When President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a joint press conference in Helsinki, Finland, on Monday, one credentialed journalist apparently couldn’t wait to ask his question.

A reporter, affiliating himself with the self-described “progressive” magazine The Nation, held up a sign to try to get Trump and Putin’s attention and ask a question about a treaty banning nuclear weapons tests:

Some identified the writer as Sam Husseini, the communications director for the Institute for Public Accuracy, who only had one story from last year.

The Secret Service showed him the door
Despite Husseini resisting, the Secret Service escorted him out of the room.


Husseini, an op-ed writer, carried a sign that read “Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty,” an apparent reference to the 1963 treaty signed between former President John F. Kennedy and the former Soviet Union.

The agreement banned above-ground nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and underwater. Major world powers later negotiated a “Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty,” which the United States signed but never ratified.

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