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REVEALED: Undisputed Proof Russia Colluded With U.S. Liberals

The Left is endlessly pursuing any thread that they think will connect President Trump to Russia. Could Dems be unable to find the thread because it is connected to THEM?

A letter was sent out from two Representatives, Lamar Smith (R-TX), and Randy Weber (R-TX), of the Subcommittee on Energy containing damning information, according to The Blaze. The letter stated, “Russia…engaged actively with… environmental organizations working against shale gas — to maintain dependence on Russian imported gas.”

We have to ask ourselves, “What does President Trump want to do with our energy?”

Well, our President wants to expand our energy program like never before. Trump believes that we need to be fracking, reopening the coal mines, and EXPORTING energy to other countries. Russia does not benefit from this at all.

Logically, you would think that Putin would have WANTED Hillary to win. She would have implemented more “green” laws and stopped all fossil fuel energy from being harvested.

Russia has the biggest natural gas reserve in the world, according to Bloomberg. If we stopped producing natural gas, the demand would increase, causing the price to go up. If the price increased, Putin would be sitting on a GOLD MINE.

That understood Putin should have never wanted Trump to win. The Russian leader is well aware of Trump’s pursuit of energy and KNOWS that would drive down the prices of HIS reserve.

It is pretty obvious that Trump and Russia are not involved with one another. There is NO evidence supporting the claim whatsoever. The only connection is in the mind of every employee of the liberal mainstream media.

Even with zero evidence, they keep pushing this agenda. It is out of control because it just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. We know that liberals don’t care about facts or logic, but this is out of hand.

The coverage that this story is getting–with no evidence to support it–is toxic and causing tension in our society that should not be here. Considering that they are the ones who seem to have interests that align with Russia, maybe we should teach the Left about irony.

It would appear that Putin and the Left are on a mission to paint fracking in a bad light. If they could have gotten Clinton elected to office and convinced everyone that fracking is going to destroy the planet, Putin could have unimaginable riches. Why WOULD he want Trump to win? This is the big question that no one on the Left can seem to answer.

In the words of Tucker Carlson, if this is a “Quid pro quo” situation, where is the “quo”? According to Democrats, Putin got Trump elected. What is Trump doing for Putin now? Nothing comes to mind, which only further proves the point that there is NO connection to see here–aside from Putin working with the Dems in a sloppy attempt to stop fracking. It is all a big joke, and facts don’t lie. Period.

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