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Robert Mueller’s Three Outrageous Scandals Revealed

Robert Mueller, who is trying to take down President Trump, now is defending himself after three secrets were revealed about his corruption. And this information is affecting Mueller’s effectiveness and infuriates the deep state.

Mueller is being exposed of his mistakes from the time he was an FBI Director. He misused his position of power for his own and the Democrats benefits. His 3 most outrageous scandals are a clear picture of what Obama was doing while in office. Therefore, Mueller shouldn’t be trusted with such delicate matters that can endanger our national security.

In 2003, Mueller supported the intelligence community’s misrepresentation of Iraq war intelligence. In that war, many Americans lost their lives, were wounded, and dismembered, which was explained by fabricated information from our intelligence agencies. Mueller didn’t want to investigate this misconduct at the time, mainly because he was a part of this plot. Here is a video of Mueller lying about it:

The other Mueller’s misconduct was the NSA’s warrantless surveillance scandal, in which he was responsible for covering up. NSA illegally collected internal internet communications and phone records from 2001 to 2013, which were sent and received by U.S. citizens. NSA broke the Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless search and seizure, and the to make this even worse former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied under oath about these illegal actions.

James Comey and Mueller, in 2004, claimed that they are ending this NSA operation but instead they were just covering up for them and in 2013 Edward Snowden uncovered the truth.

And the third wrongdoing that was revealed was Mueller’s role in Hillary Clinton’s scandal that happened from 2009 to 2013. When Hillary was the Secretary of State, her foundation used the chance to take millions of dollars in exchange for favors from the Clinton’s State Department. And Mueller was the one responsible for the cover up, as well.

So here is the truth about the person who is trusted by the deep state to undermined President Donald Trump. He is a man of many misconducts and shouldn’t be trusted. If he is capable of doing this many cover ups, he is certainly capable of doing many other misconducts.

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