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Rock Legend Has Message for Anti-Trump Artists: ‘If You’re an American,’ Then ‘Get Behind Your President’

A rock legend has a few words for his fellow anti-Trump musicians — and it involves backing President Donald Trump.

“Kiss” guitarist and co-founder Ace Frehley explained on the “Juliet: Unexpected” podcast why politics and music don’t go together.

“I hate politics. I don’t like talking politics, and I don’t think politics and music mix,” Frehley said on the podcast.

“I really frown on musicians who get up on a platform and start talking about the president or complain about … I just don’t think it belongs. I’m an entertainer. There’s no reason to bring up politics. Let me play my guitar and write songs and entertain people. That’s my job.”

The music legend went on to explain that Americans should back their president, while musicians shouldn’t “jump on a bandwagon” against President Trump.

Listen to the interview below:

“Let me say this about Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, if you’re an American and you’re a patriot, you should get behind your president,” Frehley said, adding: “He was elected. We live under the Constitution of the United States, and you’re supposed to support your president.”

“Love him or hate him, you’re supposed to support him, or go move to another country… Being American, we have the right to free speech, and I’m all for everybody putting their two cents in on everything, but when musicians or actors get really verbal and jump on a bandwagon against our government, I don’t agree with that.”

Singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen recently shared his views on politics with The Sunday Times Magazine, saying even though he doesn’t agree with Trump on issues, he doesn’t “see anyone out there at the moment” on the Democrat side who can beat Trump in the 2020 presidential election, as IJR Red reported.

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