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Rosie Brings Broadway Performers to Sing Protest Against Trump Outside the WH — But He Wasn’t Inside

Monday evening, as part of the “Kremlin Annex” protests, comedian, Rosie O’Donnell, lead a group of Broadway performers in a singing protest outside of the White House.

The group came down from New York City to sing songs, such as “Climb Every Mountain” and “A Brand New Day,” to show their disapproval of President Donald Trump and to give protesters a show.

While the protesters heard their performance, Trump did not, as he was at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The singers held American flags, but ended up dropping some on the ground over the course of the performance:

In between songs, protesters chanted “Lock him up” and “Jail to the thief.”

At the conclusion of the performance, O’Donnell promised they would be coming back to protest Trump another day.

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