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Rush Limbaugh: Senate Report Proves Trump ‘Dead-On Right Asking Ukrainians To Investigate Biden’

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that a recent Senate report on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine validates President Donald Trump’s request that Ukraine’s president “look into” them.

Senate Republicans released the report on its investigation into Biden’s foreign business dealings and connections on Wednesday morning. Limbaugh commented on it later that day, ripping House Democrats for impeaching Trump on the basis of a July 25, 2019, phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump had asked Zelensky to “look into” allegations that former Vice President Joe Biden under the Obama administration had pressured the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor to keep him from investigating Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that Hunter sat on the board of.

“The Senate report on Hunter Biden and Burisma, you know what it does, among many other things? It proves that Trump was right asking the Ukrainians to investigate Biden. And they impeached Trump over this? He was dead-on right asking the Ukrainians to investigate Biden,” Limbaugh said, according to a transcript of his radio show.

The report, based in part on U.S. government records and interviews with current and former government officials, shows that many Obama administration officials working on U.S.-Ukraine relations were uneasy about Hunter’s place on Burisma’s board. At the time, Joe Biden was leading U.S. communications with Ukraine. The report also outlined a host of other business dealings Hunter was involved in with foreign entities, including in China.

Limbaugh continued:

This report makes it abundantly clear that it goes way beyond ethical violations, that we’ve got serious criminal violations that occurred here between Joe Biden, his son Hunter, the government of Ukraine — and we’ve known this. This is the crazy thing. We’ve known this. Joe Biden’s own words! Remember, they tried to indict Trump for trying to meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Trump calls the guy on his perfect phone call, the president of Ukraine, and suggests that he could be very helpful if he would start an investigation into the Bidens, that Hunter Biden was dirty in his arrangement with Burisma, an energy company. He ends up being paid millions of dollars. He doesn’t know the first thing about energy!

It was a clear quid pro quo gig that Hunter Biden got without any qualifications simply ’cause he’s the vice president’s son. It got so bad that Ukraine was in the process of prosecuting Hunter Biden, and then Joe Biden, as vice president, went over there. And we know what comes next because Joe Biden bragged about it in a speech that he gave, a little seminar that he participated in at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Limbaugh continued, asserting Trump is innocent despite being impeached because his request well well-founded on evidence of corruption between Hunter, his father, and Burisma.

“And this is some of the things that Trump wanted these people to investigate. And it was on that phone call that they claim Trump was meddling in internal affairs, and they impeached Trump over this,” Limbaugh said. “And it turns out that Trump, like every other instance involving the so-called violations, Trump’s the one that was innocent. Trump’s the one that was been proven to be on the right side of the law.”

“There was corruption. There was shenanigans going on. Trump wanted to get to the bottom of it. Trump ends up impeached while Biden ends up the Democrat nominee with everybody ignoring what he did. And that’s the Senate report today. It makes note of this and other things,” he added.

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