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Rush Limbaugh has given us more insight. Obama is at it again. He will do anything to stay in the headlines and work for the globalists. The sleight of hand in this one is amazing.

From Truth Monitor:

Democrats went ballistic on Thursday when claims surfaced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had contacted the Russian Ambassador twice before Donald Trump was elected. This prompted many Democrats to call for Sessions to resign, but as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just explained on his show, this isn’t REALLY about the Attorney General…

Mad World News reported that this movement against Sessions is just the latest chapter in the Barack Obama and his liberal minions’ plot to force the impeachment of Trump.

“This story is not about Jeff Sessions,” Rush said. “This story is not about illegal talks between Trump and his campaign people and the Russians. This story is about Barack Obama and the Democrat Party attempting to sabotage the Trump presidency and do everything they can to either render it meaningless and ineffective or to get him impeached or force him to resign. That’s what the story is. And that is what has to be attacked, not defended.”

This could not be more true! All the leaks that have come out of the government have been designed to make it look like Trump is in cahoots with Russia. Though this has been proven to be fake news, it’s the story Obama and his Democrats have been sticking to in order to try and take Trump down. They are hoping to start by taking out those close to Trump, and they think that the more people they destroy in his team, the guiltier the president will look.

“We won the election,” Rush continued. “These people are barely hanging on. This is all they’ve got. And there’s no evidence, despite a year and a half of allegations of illegal contact between Trump, his campaign, and the Russians. There is no evidence.”

There has NEVER been any evidence that Trump teamed up with Russia to hack the election, yet Obama and the mainstream media continue to act as if he has been in cahoots with the foreign nation since he entered the election.

“Now you know why I have been harping on this almost daily for so long, because this is the only option the Democrats have open is to try to convince as many people as possible that Hillary should have won the election, that Trump is illegitimate, that Trump’s victory was the result of cheating and fakery and maybe foreign espionage. That’s all they’ve got,” Rush said.

H/T Envnewsdaily

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Guess what Obama, it’s not going to work. Limbaugh, keep fighting the good fight.

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