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Rush Mocks CNN’s Response To Him Mocking Ocasio-Cortez

For conservatives, the hastily-crowned new leader of the Democratic Party, democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is the gift that keeps on giving. Among the many pundits on the right enjoying her rapidly growing list of gaffs is Rush Limbaugh, who happily found himself in the middle of a mockery feedback loop on Thursday.

In a segment on his talk radio show Thursday, Limbaugh allowed himself to indulge in his favorite pastime: mocking the left-wing media — in this case CNN, which was fretting over his ongoing mockery of Ocasio-Cortez and particularly worried about Rush presenting her as the new face of the Democrats.

Last week, Limbaugh examined the “ignorant incoherence” of the young democratic socialist. In response to one of her failed attempts to explain how she planned to pay for “Medicare for all” and all the other free stuff she’s promoting, Limbaugh laughed about her “wandering aimlessly through our vocabulary in dire search of coherence.” On Wednesday, he addressed Ocasio-Cortez again and suggested that DNC chair Tom Perez was right to label her “the future” of the Democratic Party. “She’s got an economics degree from Boston University, but she is clueless,” he said. “That matters because to many in the Democrat Party, she is the future. She is the face, she is the star, she has the answers.”

On Thursday, CNN found Limbaugh’s comments about Ocasio-Cortez distressing enough to gather a panel to push back on his characterization of the Democratic candidate, which Limbaugh’s team noted during the broadcast.

“What CNN was doing, is they were playing a video of me highlighting the genuine vapidness and stupidity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday while proclaiming that she is the face, the new face, of the Democrat Party,” said Limbaugh. “CNN is very alarmed at that. They didn’t want that to take hold anywhere; so they assembled a panel discussion to discuss that sound bite of me from the Dittocam yesterday. The general consensus was, ‘Well, I don’t think they need a new face.’ They’ve been saying that ‘Nancy Pelosi is the face of the party,’ trying to dissuade it.”

Limbaugh then took the opportunity to launch into some more mockery about the Democrats’ “rising star,” who couldn’t remember exactly what Pelosi did this week.

Asked this week if she recognizes Pelosi as the leader of the House Democrats, Ocasio-Cortez said, “Of course. I think absolutely right now, you know, she is the leader of, of — no, no, I mean, um, speaker, rather, leader Pelosi, hopefully, um, you know, we’ll see. She’s, uh, she’s the current leader of the party and I think that the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House. We have our leadership in the Senate as well.”

“Listening to her talk about Pelosi is just a laugh riot,” said Rush. “It is abundantly clear this woman doesn’t know anything. You know, she’s a bartender — and I’m even hesitant to say that ’cause I like bartenders. I do not intend to insult them. But this is one of the greatest accidents of politics that’s ever happened. This is worse. … Remember that movie Peter Sellers was in called ‘Being There’? He was an absolute idiot gardener but he had this way of saying things and the world thought he had become the biggest political genius on earth. He had no idea what he was talking about. This is even worse than that. That was a movie. This is real.”

After playing the full clip, in which Ocasio-Cortez refused to say that she would definitely back Pelosi if Democrats win back control of the House, Limbaugh couldn’t help but laugh.

“Pelosi, you are — (laughing) — rag doll dead meat if this babe finds her way near your office. If she can,” he said laughing some more.

“By the way, she thinks that what she’s doing is advancing the economic, social issues in America,” he continued. “We’re not in an argument with them about that anymore. That’s not at all what’s going on. This woman represents a bunch of people who do not like America the way it is and they want to transform it into something it was never founded to be. That’s why we can’t debate them. We’re not even on the same field, folks.”

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