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San Francisco Train Conductors Forced to Warn of Needles in Seats

I don’t have to tell you how California is becoming a cesspool of suckery. The people of the Golden State have let leftist political types run amok, stripping them of the right to plastic drinking devices. Creating a safe haven for fence-jumping pendejos. Basically doing everything they can to earn the status of suckiest state in the union.

Take this new tale for example. The epicenter of the Californian suckfest, San Fransh*thole Francisco, has a problem with dirty needles left all over town. In fact, it’s so bad, train conductors now have to make constant announcements on the PA to warn riders about them:

Watch where you sit on San Francisco Bay Area trains – it could be painful.

Conductors there reportedly have taken to the trains’ PA systems to warn riders about hypodermic needles being left on seats by transient drug users as San Francisco fights an uphill battle to clean up thousands of syringes discarded each month all over the city.

“Please look around you for needles before you sit down. There’s at least one needle in car 1551 and there may be others. Thank you,” a conductor said Thursday, according to Buzzfeed technology reporter Caroline O’Donovan.

She said the warning was made over the loudspeaker at every stop.
Before, a San Franciscan’s biggest fear was stepping on human butt-nuggets on the street. Now, they have to worry about getting stuck with a dirty drug injection apparatus. Probably riddled with Super-AIDS. The left certainly is doing a bang-up job over in San Fran.

Talk to a west-coast progressive and they’ll tell you California is a leftist utopia. In a way, they’re right. Cali is the endgame of leftist policies. Doing hard time for distributing straws. Sh*tstains on your shoes. A hepatitis-laced syringe lodged in your keister. Some call that “progress.”

We think otherwise:

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