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Sarah Huckabee Humiliated The Reporter Who Insulted Her

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing this evening, and as expected the reporters were out of control. One reporter attacked her over health care, but as always Sanders punched back hard.

Here is a part of the discussion:

Q: “You’re the ones who keep saying that there’s going to arrive a point at which the system has failed to such a degree that suddenly [the Democrats will be willing] to compromise. So, like, what are you envisioning?”

Sanders: “I can’t imagine — that as [Obamacare], as he laid out, goes deeper and deeper off the cliff, that –”

Q: “You’re either off the cliff or not off the cliff. (Laughter.) You don’t go deeper and deeper off a cliff.”

The reporters think they are very smart, they just make themselves look foolish. Anyhow, Huckabee just made they look even worse:

Sanders: “The point is Obamacare is simply unsustainable. We’ve said this a hundred times…It is essentially a dead program in terms of being able to provide the type of health care that Americans need and deserve.”

“Obamacare is simply unsustainable” SHUT. DOWN. She continues:

“And our point is the priorities that the President has laid out, we have to have a plan in place that actually provides care — not just coverage; that brings the cost down; lower deductibles; across-the-board reform. And at this point, hopefully, Democrats will see how bad the system is and come to the table.”

Here is the whole video of the press:

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