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Sarah Palin Makes TRAGIC Announcement – Supporters Devastated

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has reportedly turned her back on her son Track as he continues a vicious custody war with his baby mama over his infant son.

Radar Online reported that the 27 year-old’s violent temper has frightened everyone in his life.

“He’s hot-headed, he’s out of control and he has anger issues!” Matthew Loewe, the distraught father of Track’s baby mama, Jordan Loewe. “He’s thrown stuff at Jordan, thrown rocks at Jordan — he’s even thrown stuff at her when she was holding their baby!”

Jordan filed for custody of their son after she told police Track punched her in the face at his parent’s home in Wasilla a year ago. He also allegedly threatened to shoot himself with an assault rifle.

Matthew said that Track has gotten even worse since then, even threatening his own parents when they tried to control his rage-fueled outbursts.

“Track hates [his father] Todd,” according to Jordan’s dad. “Jordan and Track had an argument one night that it got so out of control she called… and they both came over. He threatened to beat up his dad, saying, ‘Come on old man, you’re full of metal now.’”

Matthew said the Palins even warned Jordan to get away from Track when she was pregnant.

“Before Jordan got pregnant, Todd told her, ‘I’d run if I were you,” Matthew revealed. He added that the Palins have completely cut ties from Track.

“From what Jordan has told me, Todd and Sarah, they don’t help him with s**t,” he said. “He threatened to beat [his dad] up! Do you think they’d help him?”

Please pray for Sarah Palin as she deals with these difficult family issues!

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