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Sarah Sanders Claims Dems Care More About ‘Fighting the President’ Than They Do About Their Constituents

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that she believes the partial government shutdown has lasted because Democrats care more about beating President Donald Trump than they do about securing the border for the American people.

The partial government shutdown is in day 16, rapidly approaching the previous shutdown record of 21 days. The main disagreement between the White House and Democratic leadership is over the issue of funding the border wall.

President Trump wants $5.6 billion and, as IJR Blue reported, Pelosi is only considering giving him one dollar. Needless to say, there is a lot of ground that needs to be covered before both sides come to an agreement. Trump told reporters Friday that he would be “proud” to keep the government shut down for “years” if it meant securing the border.

During her interview with Wallace, Sanders claimed that Democrats only want to fight Trump, not solve the problems at the border.


“The president means what he says when he says [he would keep the government shut down until he has wall funding]. It would be outrageous for Democrats, who agree with the president. That’s what’s the most outrageous thing to me and something that is, frankly, so incomprehensible. They agree with the president. They agree we need border security. They just are unwilling to let this president win. And I think at some point they have to decide that they care more about Americans than about fighting the president.”

Sanders is correct that Democrats want border security, but they do not see security in the form of a wall, which the president clearly does.

For now, the government remains partially shut down with no clear path to reopen. As Wallace noted, Democrats have proposed six funding bills for the remaining parts of the government that are outside of homeland security, but the White House doesn’t seem willing to give up that leverage.

“I’m not saying we oppose those six [spending bills], I’m just saying, to make it like this is an easy deal, we want to negotiate, but at the same time, you can’t keep passing the buck,” said Sanders. “This is a major point of contention and let’s just sit down and work it out.”

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