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Sarah Silverman CALLS For A Military Coup Against Trump, IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT!

Sarah Silverman the raging Hollywood liberal – they don’t get much kookier than her – just called for the military to stage a coup and remove president Trump.

And they wonder why they can’t sell movie tickets anymore. The phony outrage from the left over Trump’s win really needs to stop.

We had Rosie and Whoopi threatening to leave the country – we’re still waiting. Then we had the SAG awards and we will have the Grammy’s and Oscar’s. We had Madonna saying she’d like to blow up the white house.

Now we have Bernie Sanders loving socialist Sarah Silverman call for a coup. It’s disgusting and almost the same instant she posted her diatribe the internet exploded on her head – humiliating her into regret. There were pictures of her as Hitler, of her in jail but the bets response was by a vet.

H/T: Worldnewspolitics

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