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SAS Pup Rips Out Terrorists Throat, Subdues 3 Gun-Wielding Jihadists and Saves Entire Team

Everybody thinks their dogs are pretty special. Maybe they’re even able to do a few tricks. But can they rip out the throat of a jihadi in Syria a la Patrick Swayze in “Road House” and subdue at least three gun-wielding terrorists, making six more flee?

Probably not. And that’s what makes a certain Belgian Malinois very special.

According to the U.K. Daily Sun, the incident happened in northern Syria two months back but was only recently declassified. A group of six British Special Air Service fighters had taken along the dog, known for its bravery and ferociousness, on their patrol.

“As the patrol entered the village they left their vehicles and were attacked from all sides by waiting terrorists,” the Sun reported, citing an unnamed source.

“The SAS men returned fire but the jihadis began closing in and tried to outflank them.”

“The SAS found themselves in a 360-degree ambush,” the source said. “The initiative was with the terrorists and the only hope for the British was to try and make a run for it.

“The handler removed the dog’s muzzle and directed him into a building from where they were coming under fire.

“They could hear screaming and shouting before the firing from the house stopped.”

And what they found upon entering was pretty impressive.

“When the team entered the building they saw the dog standing over a dead gunman,” the source reported.

“His throat had been torn out and he had bled to death. There was also a lump of human flesh in one corner and a series of blood trails leading out of the back of the building.

“The dog was virtually uninjured. The SAS were able to consolidate their defensive position and eventually break away from the battle without taking any casualties.”

Two other jihadis were subdued and another six fled. The SAS commander apparently reported this was all due to the dog.

Meanwhile, there was even more good news to report. Apparently, there was a meeting supposed to take place between the SAS forces and village elders, but the elders explained that several of their young men had been tortured into revealing details.

“The team listened to the villagers’ explanations about the ambush and accepted them,” the source reported. “They have since been welcomed back many times and have trained a small militia who are now capable of defending the village.”

So, all around a happy ending. The SAS is known for being some of the toughest fighters on earth, but their dogs are pretty lethal too.

Forget Beethoven or Rin Tin Tin — as I said before, this Belgian Mallinois is pure “Road House” material. He just needs some good Swayze-esque action hero lines. “Pain don’t hurt” maybe? Or “In a jihadi ambush, nobody wins”? Or even, “You’re too radical Islamist to have a good time.”

Get him an agent and he’ll be a star.

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