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Sean Hannity Set the Internet on Fire With This Mysterious Tweet Monday Morning

Conservative radio and television host Sean Hannity sent the political internet into a state of questioning with a mysterious tweet on Monday morning.

Hannity tweeted “Tick tock, tick tock…”

The tactic has been used regularly in the 2016 election and by those covering the Trump administration when they have important information or breaking news to release.

Hannity has made his pro-Trump views very clear leading up to the election and has been a valuable spokesperson for the administration, regularly meeting with interviewing and having dinner with President Donald Trump.

Hannity has also teased big exclusive stories in the past, with limited payoff. The tweet could relate to dozens of items currently swirling around the administration — and they were plenty of theories online:

Fox News found itself in the center of another scandal last week when prime time host Eric Bolling was suspended for allegedly sending lewd text messages to female co-workers.

Bolling tweeted this Monday morning:

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