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Sean Hannity SHOCKS Fans With Massive Announcement About Trump’s White House

Unlike many of his colleagues, Fox News host Sean Hannity was never afraid to make it obvious that he proudly supported Donald Trump during the presidential election. Because of this, he played a large role in Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton earlier this month.

Now, with Trump heading to the White House, Hannity is quietly doing something to ensure that the liberal media will not be able to smear him like they did during his campaign. Conservative 101 reported that Hannity shocked his fans recently when he said Trump has the right to deny certain liberal news outlets White House press credentials.

Twitter user J.R. McClaren wrote that media outlets like CNN and the Washington Post “shown to have colluded by @wikileaks” should not then be rewarded with access to the White House. “Amen,” Hannity responded as he shared the tweet.

Since then, Hannity has continued to call for Trump to make moves against the mainstream media.

Last week, Hannity commented about Trump’s private meeting with staffers from The New York Times:

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Source: Politicalreviewer

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