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Sean Hannity Slams Cher’s Daughter-Turned-Son Chaz: ‘You’re Dumber Than Dirt’

When will the liberals ever learn? Why must they continue to humiliate themselves day after day? if they won’t learn maybe they should stop attacking smart conservative thinkers like Sean Hannity. Because Sean hits back.

Hannity posted this tweet asking a simple question.

Chaz Bone took offense to that simple question, ignoring thousands of years of historical precedent that prove false flag attacks happen. That doesn’t mean they did it here, but to deny the capability is insulting.

Chaz Bono bashed Trump with a lousy tweet.

Hannity immediately smacked Bono across the mouth in a series of devastating tweets.

Sean Hannity wasn’t done, he continued just destroying Chaz,

When was the last time a liberal had the stones to debate Sean Hannity? When they do, and it is a rare event, they do not fare well.

Like Chaz here who hit back again at Sean Hannity at her doomed effort to stay relevant. Hannity then crushed Bono for refusing to man up and debate him in public.

The Sean ended with a brutal smack-down: “You say you are an ‘actor’ and ‘producer’? I checked your resume, and it’s not that impressive. You started this fight and won’t debate — coward!”

H/T Worldnewspolitics

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