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Sebastian Gorka Drags CNN’s Anderson Cooper Over The Coals [VIDEO]

White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka told CNN host Anderson Cooper Wednesday that he’s “sad to see CNN fall to this. I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for ratings … but that’s not media.”

Gorka has become a frequent critic of CNN, calling them “fake news” and accusing the network of media bias against President Donald Trump in a quest for ratings. Cooper asked if the White House was in crisis mode after Donald Trump Jr.’s email chain showed he met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in 2016 for opposition research on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“The president is a steam locomotive that will not stop. It’s just fake news,” said Gorka.

Cooper attempted to deflect the comments, saying,”I’m just going to ignore the insults because I don’t think that really gets us anywhere.”

Cooper reacted when Gorka brought up CNN’s correction of their James Comey story in June. CNN originally reported that the former FBI director was going to contradict Trump’s version of events during his senate testimony. Comey’s statements did not contradict Trump and CNN was forced to admit they were mistaken and update the post.

“That reporting was wrong and we corrected ourselves,” said Cooper. “Unlike the White House which has never corrected itself on anything.”

Gorka called the media “the fake news industrial complex,” and asked Cooper how many minutes they had wasted on Russia during the interview.

“Are you a TV producer now,” asked Cooper. “You’re concerned about how many minutes — Do you have somewhere else to go?”

Gorka continued his assault on CNN’s low viewership, saying, “Tucker Carlson get’s 4 million viewers, you barely scratch 800,000.”

“Let’s let the viewers judge, who decided that you are now 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick At Nite’ which is at 11,” said Gorka.

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