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“This Secret Hillary Video Is The Most TERRIFYING Thing I’ve Ever Seen.. “

Hillary Clinton, though defeated and already long out of the picture, she is still knocking on the backs of ur heads with all of her insincerity, lies, dishonesty, scandals, corruption, and whatnot, and these are just some of the reason that will make her a constant reminder of how one politician, presidential contender,  should not look like.

In this old footage, taken somewhere in the mid-90s, Hillary makes an imitation and reference of the legendary movie Forrest Gump, where Hillary plays “Hillary Gump” for a secret record dinner with reporters called the Gridiron Dinner.

Yup, this actually happened. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

People think that since Forrest Gump was a man with a mental handicap, Hillary was basically mocking him. Whatever the purpose of this video, there’s no doubt that Hillary is one of the most cringeworthy people on the recent U.S. political scene.

Bill also makes an appearance and asks for french fries. Nothing makes sense.

Bill Clinton makes an appearance as well asking for french fries. This is just ridiculous to watch. It doesn’t make any sense.

Source: Consamerica

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