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See the Class-Act Moment President Trump Stops His Motorcade to Climb out and Thank Firefighters

Footage posted to YouTube on Saturday shows President Donald Trump’s incredible appreciation for service members and first responders as it features him stopping his presidential motorcade to get out and thank a group of firefighters outside.

Just before pulling up to Air Force One, the president’s limousine in the motorcade can be seen coming to a sudden stop in the video. After two Secret Service agents speak with him through the window, President Trump climbs out of the vehicle.

“No, he’s not…” one of the firefighters can be heard saying as the president walks towards them, applauding them the entire way. He then motions for the firefighters to come closer and begins sharing their hands.


“Thank you, men, thank you,” President Trump says, making sure to shake each of their hands before corralling them for a group photo. “C’mon.”

It’s unclear when exactly President Trump’s display of gratitude took place, but the footage is spreading like wildfire on social media — and people can’t get enough of it:

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