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Sen. Gillibrand’s Opponent Tells Her To Stop Crying Sexism

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is running for re-election in a safe Democratic region, but her Republican opponent is doing what she can to point out the incumbent senator’s hypocrisy.

Chele Farley has been saying that Gillibrand hasn’t been an effective senator because none of the bills she’s introduced have become law. When President Donald Trump made a similar attack on Gillibrand’s effectiveness, the New York Senator cried sexism.

“She’s been up to my office looking for campaign contributions,” Trump said at a fundraising event for Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney, echoing an attack he tweeted last December. “And she’s very aggressive on contributions. But she’s not aggressive on getting things done.”

Gillibrand first reacted on Twitter, tying Trump’s remarks to her gender.

“The president refuses to acknowledge the work I’ve gotten done,” Gillibrand said. “Sound familiar ladies?”

She then went on CBS to further accuse Trump of sexism.

“It’s intended to be a sexist smear intended to devalue, to denigrate me, as he’s done to women across the board,” she told “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan.

Forget that Trump makes statements like this about so many of his critics, Gillibrand has to make it about being a woman.

For this, Farley called her out.

“Crying sexism because President Trump assailed her failed record as a Senator, the exact same claims I have made throughout this campaign, is an insult to women who have endured real abuse,” Farley said in a press release. “The fact is that it took almost 12 years for Gillibrand to pass one bill: the renaming of a post office. That is her record.”

To be fair, Gillibrand has co-sponsored bills that were passed, attached amendments to bills that have passed, and some of the bills she introduced passed the senate but didn’t become law. And beyond that Gillibrand’s assaults against due process for men accused of sexual assault has helped to completely alter the way the military and college campuses handle accusations — to the detriment of real victims. Gillibrand has helped to broaden the definition so much that common interactions can now be considered harassment and assault. She’s effective for all the worst reasons.

“As a woman who has been educated and worked in male-dominated fields such as engineering and finance, I know sexism when I see it,” Farley continued. “Cheapening real discrimination to avoid answering a valid criticism is a disservice to those who have fought and sacrificed to provide all Americans with equality of opportunity. Stop whining, Senator, and do your job.”

Farley faces long-shot odds at defeating Gillibrand.

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