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Sen. Tim Scott Points to Economy as the President’s Attempt for Meaningful Change in Closing Racial Divides

With the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally looming, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) believes that President Donald Trump is moving in the “right direction” on race relations in the United States.

The president took to Twitter to address the anniversary.

During his interview with Face the Nation, Sen. Scott agreed with President Trump, also pointing to the president’s economic successes as an example of him working to close racial divides.


Certainly, his tweets yesterday were a positive sign of a better direction for the nation without any question. The president condemning all acts of racism and violence is a positive step in the right direction. And, more importantly, after my meeting with the president, he asked me last year, after Charlottesville. He asked me what can he do to make a difference in this country, bringing people together. I laid out something that I thought would be very powerful and that was the opportunity of bringing more resources back into distressed communities.

We celebrate the success of this economy without any questions, but the reality of this is that there are pockets of this country where recovery has been uneven and the opportunities and legislation supported by the president will have a positive impact, a powerful impact in communities that are distressed and, disproportionately, communities that are black and brown.

Previously, Sen. Scott called the president “racially insensitive,” but it seems as though President Trump heeded Scott’s advice.

Since President Trump took office, both black and Hispanic unemployment hit record lows. President Trump’s approval ratings from African Americans and Hispanics also increased, despite border drama.

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