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Sheriff Clarke Crushes Obama For Failing To Calm Down Anti-Trump Riots [Video]

Sheriff Clarke from Wisconsin, one of the Trump’s crew members, sent a word to the nation about the ongoing riots. This was a big shame and dissapointment, because nobody took care of the situation. It even seems that this is all just a scene for role play only to compromise our elect-president. But the previous resident of the White House takes care of NOTHING! Read more in the post:

Sheriff Clarke just slammed Obama for not doing enough to calm down these protesters and failing to do his job as president to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

“These are anarchists, full-fledged anarchists. They don’t even support the Constitution. This isn’t constitutionally protected behavior,” Clarke said about the rioters.

“They also advocate for the overthrow of the rule of law here in the United States of America. This is designed to intimidate the Trump administration right out of the gate and to intimidate Trump supporters so they don’t go big and bold once they take office in January, but they cannot be dissuaded by this,” continued Clarke.

“President-elect Donald Trump has to be a little careful here because this is a job for the President of the United States and the Constitution calls for only one and until January 20th that’s Barack Obama. Look, these are his supporters,” he said.

“It is their responsibility to reach out and to remind these individuals of this time-honored, peaceful transition of power here in the United States,” said Clarke. Check out the video HERE.

It is time somebody to take care of this! Obama has to be responsible,because he said that he believes in democracy, so he has to make it work. Respect the vote of our nation!


Source: Conservative101

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