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SHOCK: Obama LAUNCHES Witch Hunt Against National Hero… HE’S COMING UNHINGED!

The elites obviously figure that if they can’t bring down Donald Trump, they can try to take down his strongest and most visible supporters.

The trouble is, a lot of those Trump boosters are as vocal and fearless as the man himself. A certain Department of Justice official is now targeting one of those supporters and it probably won’t end well.

From Joe For America:

Gwen Moore a DOJ Rep. has targeted Sheriff [David] Clarke with her request for the Department of Justice to get an independent investigation of the Milwaukee County Jail. This is ‘supposedly’ a response to recent deaths in the facility. (…)

In the past six months, there has been four deaths at the Milwaukee County Jail, one of those deaths included a newborn baby that was delivered by one of the inmates.

Congresswoman Moore drafted a letter to the Department of Justice and in it stated that the jail is an “unsafe environment” for the inmates that reside there and then dropped the bomb…

She questioned Sheriff Clarke’s competence and suggested these deaths were due to an oversight of the Sheriff’s.

Does anyone believe that if Sheriff Clarke was a Hillary Clinton fan, that the Justice Department would be investigating him?

The problem is that for the next four years, we can expect to hear about many of these time and money wasting court cases, trying to destroy Trump by proxy.

Source: Joe for America

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