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SHOCK: Trump Impact Is Already Gigantic…You’ll Never Guess Who Just Quit!

Man, Donald Trump carries a big stick. How else to describe the effect he’s having on politics and policy already – and he’s not even been sworn into the office of the presidency yet?

First, his hardcore message about border control has been resonating hard throughout the illegal immigrant community in the United States, with many media outlets reporting these aliens are fearful for their fates, concerned they’re going to be rounded up and shipped back to their home countries.

Then, there was the decision of Indiana’s Carrier company not to move operations to Mexico after all, but instead stay in-state – a decision largely attributed to Trump’s vow to lower regulations on existing in-country companies and simultaneously issue punitive taxes on those that relocate overseas.

But now, there’s this, from the head of the Mexican central bank, Augusten Carstens.

“[He] announced he would unexpectedly stand down from his post next July,” Zero Hedge reported.

Why? The move seems puzzling, given Carstens’ term wasn’t due to wrap until late 2021.

Could be the Trump factor, once again.

“Among the theories emerging is that Carstens has had enough dealing with the unpredictabilities in the political climate, especially since the Trump election, and wanted out,” Zero Hedge reported. “During the presidential campaign, Carstens had warned that Trump’s election could hit Mexico like a hurricane. He also conducted a stress test for local banks to prepare for the ‘contingency’ of a Trump presidency.”

Guess Carstens wasn’t a big fan of that “Make America Great Again” mantra that was heating up Trump’s campaign trail.

“[His] announcement confirms he was less than sanguine about a Trump presidency,” Zero Hedge wrote, “and the impact it would have on the Mexican currency and economy and opted out.”

Among the possibilities he’s fleeing: the outcome of Trump’s realized campaign vow to trash free trade with Mexico, and the ensuing hit to about 80 percent of that country’s exports – an economic and political nightmare for already ailing Mexico, no doubt.

Source: Zero Hedge

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