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SHOTS FIRED! China Freaking Out After Trump Exposed SICK Crimes For World to See

Forget Hillary Clinton. Her and her evil empire were just small fries. Now Donald Trump has turned his full attention to China as his new opponent and he just took the first shot!!

Trump decided he is tired of seeing China screw us out of money while building their military while our politicians won’t do a damn thing about it. That’s why he went straight for the throat with today’s attack.

Trump Tweeted:

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into their country (the U.S. doesn’t tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea? I don’t think so!”

Hahahaha! Yes! Thank you, Donald Trump. At least our new President is willing to stand up to China and work to making our own country better.

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Source: Libertywritersnews

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