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SMOKING GUN! Hillary Didn’t Know The Camera Was ON – Admitted Everything!

Hilary Clinton is probably the most corrupted person in the USA. She is a real menace! When we talk about this ,,creature” it is pretty hard to know where to begin the story.

We can begin with the Clinton’s Klan. Her husband was one of the worst presidents in US history. He was wrapped in various scandals, he attacked Serbia( why – because of bribe), caused collateral damage in the health care system etc. Aftermath was the 9/11 attack, according to conspirative theories. However, this sad odyssey doesn’t end here!

The Bill’s heir is Hilary. A girl raised with the New World Order ideology. Her teachers- the Illuminati, such as Rothshield and Rockfeller, as you can see on many pictures of young Hilary accompanied by Rockfeller or Rothshield taught her how to be a mean snake.

These are the WEALTHIEST  people in the entire world. They have FULL control over the mainstream media and giant corporations. They own every single bank on Earth. But STILL they can not control our souls and brains, even if they intend to. They picked Hilary to be their right hand, just as same as Obama-  first black president- then woman.

Their plans were destroyed after the savior of our nation Donald Trump won. Americans are awake! They are not blind and def or stupid as you Hilary thought! Now, it is time for payback! Child sex rings, corruption, proxy-war sponsorship- that’s all Hilary’s dirty work.

But, while she was doing these stuff she used an endless chain of people working for her and protecting her name. The illegal espyonage and e-mail servers crushed her! This was most certainly connected with her name. She used to send classified info. on his private web-sites. Their sponsors and donors saved her once, next time she’s going to suffer because Trey Gowdy is pretty serious with her prosecuting. Now he has a reason! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:


We need to take action… This is a serious thing. As we can see, this evil woman has a habit in doing criminal activities. She does not know what the words TOP SECRET mean. She is able to harm our country seriously. We need to send this traitor to court immediately!


Source: Rightforever

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