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SNL Writer’s Tweet About Barron Trump is Beyond Unfunny – It’s VILE And DISGUSTING!

Now that Trump has become the President of the United States, the left is doing everything they can to bash Trump, and his family is not off-limits.

In a new tweet, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Mary Rich tweeted that Donald and Melania Trump’s son Barron would be the next homeschool shooter. After she sent this foul garbage out into the universe, the author quickly deleted it. However, it did not take long for decent people to come out and criticize her for being extremely cold and mean.

When Obama was inaugurated, one GOP staffer criticizes the wardrobe choices of Obama’s daughters. The media met this criticism with some well-deserved backlash. Not this time.

Other soulless commentators were seen on twitter saying that Barron had a “resting bitch face.” We are talking about a young kid here, people! He just happens to be the President’s son. Maybe we should give him a little bit of respect and leave him alone!

What the media did not cover was the moment when, while Trump was signing documents in his new office, Barron was playing peekaboo with Teddy, Ivanka Trump’s young son. What a great uncle this young man is being to his little nephew.

This tweet is just the beginning of the media firestorm that is going to do everything they can to tear down Trump’s family to promote a political agenda. However, if Trump is anything, he is a great father, which we can see through the success of his multiple children. In fact, he raised his sons Eric and Don Jr. so well that they can run his businesses while he is in office.

This SNL witer’s tweet may lead to a potential lawsuit for defamation. Trump has enough money to sue people, and he may spare no expense in attacking those who attack his son. Trump may not want to bring lawsuits while in office, but he may make a special exception for this one.

SNL has been in a downward spiral for years and has a clear leftist slant as a part of NBC. Apparently, they hire writers there that are completely devoid of all humanity. What who could believe that this comment would be funny?

School shootings are one of the most tragic events that happen in the United States that destroy families and send the entire nation into mourning. This leftist writer thinks a potential shooting tragedy is a potential fodder for SNL jokes.

Children, especially when very young, should be off limits to political commentary and media insults. This is just one more example of the left having no moral compass whatsoever. SNL is on a mission to paint Trump as an idiot, but America is not buying it.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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