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St. Jude Children’s Hospital Just Made MASSIVE Announcement About Trump’s Son – JAWS ARE DROPPING

The liberal horde attacked the Trump family before and after the elections. They wanted to give this family a bad name and picture them as xenophobes, racist or something like that. But, if we talk for real, Trump family is a family of philatropists and big patriots. This article reveals the truth about Eric Trump and his charity work. People, do not listen to the liberal mainstream media- this is the one and only truth- pray for Eric!

The democrats and liberals launched hard attacks against the charity foundations for children healthcare by Eric Trump. In the mission to antagonize the Trump family, obviously, these people do not pick weapon how to do it. They play with the destiny and life of thousands of sick children all around the USA. Why- because they can’t stand positive public opinion for anybody close to Donald Trump. A letter from St.Jude Hospital in Tennesee confirms that Eric Trump raised 16.3 million dollars.

“I am amazed by the many ways that you have personally embraced our cause and cared for our children and families,” Richard C. Shadyac Jr., president of the hospital’s fund-raising organization, wrote in the Dec. 30 letter, which Eric Trump gave to the Times.

“As you are aware, we are expanding our lifesaving work and are working to push cure rates even higher in this country and around the world, while improving the lives of survivors by developing and advancing treatments that reduce side effects. We are only able to do this because of the support provided by donors and supporters like you,” Shadyac wrote.

We have to support Eric Trump on this one. The liberals expect that they are able to play their dirty games and nobody can touch them. You are wrong!

If somebody work for the good of the people of our country, we have to stay as one and help the secific person that wants to help thousands of others, instead of sabotaging the ,, helpers ”.

However, Eric Trump doesn’t make all of this happen because of fame or some sort of personal gain, he does this because he is a man with big heart, so trust me- he is going to succeed in his mission!

Source: Rightforever

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