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State Passes New Law Deeming Shariah Law Illegal

According to recent reports, Arkansas’ House has just passed a bill that only “American laws” will be allowed to operate in the state’s courts. The implication, of course, is that Sharia Law will not be allowed in the courtroom.

The bill passed 63-24, and will move to the Senate for a final vote. If it makes it through, the measure will set a precedent for other states to follow in an effort to preserve the rule of law. Supporters believe it is a step in the right direction for a nation that is scrambling to defend its values.

Arkansas Rep. Brandt Smith, a Republican from Jonesboro, sponsored the key legislation. Critics, of course, argue the bill is intended to target Muslims.

Because Islam and Sharia are in most ways inseparable, HB-1041 “necessarily” includes Muslims by implication. But many believe Sharia is the doorway into an anachronistic legal system that must be kept out of our courts. Supporters of the ban believe it is directly contrary to Western values of individual freedom and human rights.

“Sharia is more than stoning or amputating limbs or public beheading—Sharia is a spirit also,” Hasan Mahmud of Muslims Facing Tomorrow wrote. “Its spirit is against current [Western] civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish so-called Islamic state because [the] law is pointless without a state.”

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