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STUNNER: Look How Much Melania Is Spending as First Lady Compared to Michelle

It’s easy to make a lot of assumptions about a former fashion model married to a billionaire more than 20 years her elder.

One easy assumption may be that she’s a bit of a diva; especially in comparison to someone who was raised on Chicago’s South Side and had a habit of being photographed shopping at Target’s.

However, while Melania Trump may be far from the typical girl next door, she’s most certainly not the first lady diva that Michelle Obama — and even other first ladies were.

In fact, her relative modest behavior in the White House may be saving the taxpayer millions.

As told by the Inquisitr, According to a report published by a private organization that tracks government spending, Open the Books reveals that Melania Trump has saved more money with her staff than Michelle Obama did as the first lady. Melania has 19 fewer staffers dedicated to her office than Michelle did in the White House. Mrs.

Trump has five staffers versus the 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama, the Fiscal Year 2009 budget shows. Former First Lady Laura Bush had 18 staffers.

The leaner White House payroll is said to be saving taxpayers $22 million dollars a year, a figure helped by Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, and Jared Kushner working for no salary.

This isn’t to say that anyone named Trump is going to be confused with the Coolidges in terms of frugality.
Calvin Coolidge was so cheap that his unwillingness to spend his or the taxpayers’ money was well-known.

According to the New England Historical Society:

As president, [Coolidge] had protracted battles with the White House housekeeper over the costs of dinners, once famously insisting that six hams for sixty guests were too many. And even pennies were important to the president.

In her book, “My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House”, White House maid and seamstress Lillian Parks Rogers recalled that when Coolidge dispatched a servant to pick up newspapers, he expected his change.

“If they thought it was a tip, they would soon find out differently, because the President would go around saying, ‘Somebody owes me seven cents.’ And he meant it.”

No one expects Melania and Donald to go to this extreme.
But it’s good to know the Trumps understand even billionaires should be mindful stewards of our tax dollars.

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