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SURPRISE! Trump Just Did The 1 Thing No President Has Ever Done During a State of The Union!

It is a longstanding tradition during that Supreme Court Justices don’t clap during a State of The Union Address. They have literally NEVER clapped… Until last night…

A few minutes into his speech, President Trump gave a short, touching tribute to the late Justice Scalia. Trump then recognized Maureen Scalia, Justice Scalia’s wife, who broke down in tears in this touching moment.

The Camera panned to the Supreme Court Justices and they were ALL smiling and clapping with everyone else! This shows you how much RESPECT they had for Justice Scalia that they were willing to ignore a 200 year old tradition to honor him! WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook if you miss Justice Scalia!

This came just moments after President Trump recognized the wife of Fallen Navy Seal Carryn Owens. This was perhaps the most emotional moment i’ve ever seen in a political speech.

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