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Target CEO Blames President Trump For Dip In Hispanic Shoppers

Beleaguered retailer Target has come out swinging at Donald Trump, claiming the President’s policies have forced Hispanics to avoid shopping.

“The Hispanic consumer in the U.S. is shopping a lot less,” said Target CEO Brian Cornell at a tech event in Colorado last week, according to MSN Money.

“They’re staying home. They are going out less often.”

“Cornell didn’t mention President Donald Trump by name,” MSN Money reports, “but he talked about a shift in behavior this year and mentioned ‘border towns’ – where retailers for years have depended on shoppers from northern Mexico for higher revenue.”

MSN Money goes on to cite statistics from the NPD Group which state that purchases by Hispanics at U.S. retailers have shrunk 8% in 2017.

“There’s clearly been a pullback,” the outlet quotes NPD analyst Marshal Cohen as stating. “There’s concern about going out in an environment where you could be deported.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really there and material.”

As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston points out, “Hispanics are well-known entrepreneurs, and NPD Group does not track small businesses, so it isn’t clear if the tens of thousands of small businesses across the country run by Hispanics and for Hispanics have also seen any similar drops in shoppers.”

Huston goes on to list the plethora of troubles Target has faced lately, including the loss of upwards of $300 million due to a data breach, plummeting customer satisfaction ratings and revenue so bad the CEO has taken a pay cut and numerous top executives have been fired.

“All Target’s problems,” writes Huston, “began after the company announced its transgender bathroom policy last year, telling customers and employees alike that men ‘identifying’ as women could use whatever bathroom or changing room they want at any given time.”

Huston continues, “the policy brought a boycott that garnered over a million signatures in less than two weeks, and immediately following the transgender announcement the company’s foot traffic plummeted.”

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