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Taya Kyle Destroys The Critics Of Melania Trump Wearing Heels In Texas

Taya Kyle, the widow of deceased American sniper Chris Kyle, appeared on Fox News to comment about the media obsession over Melania Trump wearing heels when she arrived in Texas.

The fact that Melania changed into sneakers didn’t stop the critics to continue to attack her, but Kyle has something different to say about that.

“I was actually stunned by it,” she stated. “It took me a second to get my emotions in check. I was almost speechless.”

“I’ve always felt like truth matters, right, and I feel like sometimes in our culture we’re getting into this thing where smoke and mirrors are supposed to matter more, and we should care more about covering up the truth of things than just being who we are,” Kyle continued.

“Donald and Melania Trump have money. That’s OK with me. I just want them to do their jobs … I don’t need smoke and mirrors to make the optics look better. To me, optics says, ‘Come on, at least try to fool the people.’”

And she is right, nobody cares about Melania wearing heels in such time in crises, in fact, those who care are the ones not affected by and apparently not sympathetic enough.

“What you care about is, do you have a generator?” Kyle said. “Is your dog safe? Are you going to make it through tomorrow?”

Columnist Christine Flowers wrote an article last week, saying the so-called “journalists” who criticize Melania over her choice to wear heels “should have known better.”

“This was serious stuff, and anyone who thought that ruminating on Melania Trump’s choice of shoes was appropriate is nothing more than a pathetic rube,” she said.

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