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Teen Cashier Buys Cop’s Dessert. Couple Behind Cop Throws Fit So Teen Gets Suspended

Have you ever done something that you thought was nice, but then got in trouble for it? Unfortunately, when that happens it can have a negative impact, making people hesitant to do nice things in the future.

One Texas teen will definitely think twice about doing an act of kindness in the future. What started out as a thoughtful gesture ended in the teen running into some trouble.

UPDATE: For the first time since my post on July 5, the Company reached out to Zack on Wed July 12 to offer a verbal…

Posted by Tami Kurtz Randolph on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Zack Randolph is an 18-year-old employee at Great American Cookies. When a police officer came by to pick up some dessert, Randolph had an idea.

He told the officer that he wanted to pay for his treat, as a way of saying thanks for everything that he does. Randolph pulled out his wallet and paid the $2.75, not even taking advantage of the employee discount.

“He’s just a really nice guy and on top of that he has a badge,” he said. “That’s enough for me to buy him something. That’s the least I can do.”

Randolph was feeling good about what he had done until the next customers came up to the counter. The man and woman asked for free desserts and gave him a hard time because he’d extended his act of goodwill to the cop and not to them, too.

Randolph’s mother said that the couple was very confrontational. According to her, the man told her son, “You know you’re probably going to get fired.”

“He put his daughter down and came around to the side and was about to come back and come at me and thankfully my assistant manager and my co-worker stopped him,” said Randolph. The trouble didn’t end there, though.

The teen was written up and received a week-long suspension from work. Neither he nor his mother could believe it.

Posted by Tami Kurtz Randolph on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Randolph’s mom, Tami, posted about the incident on Facebook. People were outraged at the story, and demanded justice.

It wasn’t long before the company issued an apology for their uncalled-for actions. The suspension was revoked, and they admitted that Randolph had been in the right.

It is unfortunate that this incident occurred when a teen was just trying to show his respect for law enforcement. “A lot of people I know my age don’t support police officers. I don’t think it’s fair,” said Randolph.

It’s difficult to understand how some people can be so selfish and unkind, but we’re happy this young man was recognized for his graciousness. Keep being a light!

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