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Tera Conner Miss USA 2006 Credits Trump For Her Recovery

Tera Conner was Miss USA 2006 at age of twenty, but she also had a rough problem. She was drinking and doing drugs, cocaine to be exact. Now she is ten years sober, happy, healthy and she just got engaged to the man she loves.

She says that President Trump is the one who helped her to get on the right path to recovery from substance abuse.

“Donald Trump had a choice. He could have fired me or he could have given me an opportunity to get help and thank God he chose to give me that opportunity because it was a huge step forward to the recovery movement,” she stated. “I believe he saw the good in me and had a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with, having lost a brother to alcoholism.”

Since then she has worked with others to help them recover from their addictions.

Conner and Trump maintained their relationship over the years and they also worked together to raise money for the Caron Treatment Centers.  Now, as an advocacy ambassador for the non-profit organization Facing Addiction, Conner is calling for the president’s help once again.

“Ultimately, I feel as though every American should be afforded the same opportunity that I was given,” Conner said. “Addiction is a progressive disease, and substance misuse is the leading cause of death for those 50 and under.”

She is now encouraging Trump as president to pay attention to the problem of addiction.

“He has the opportunity to save so many lives. There are over 40 million Americans that are impacted by addiction and it’s not being treated as the health care crisis that it is,” Conner stated. She then invited people to go to and sign their letter to Trump so that their voice can be heard.

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