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Things Escalate Drastically At MSNBC Quarters After Hardcore Truth Erupts….

MSNBC’s Morning Joe is facing a very unconventional set of problems after engaged couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski seem to have become unable to perform their hosting duties due to heavy traveling.

Their engagement took place in May, on a very extravagant and romantic trip to South France.

Since then, the duo made a couple of trips to Nantucket and are currently in London, taking care of family issues.

Although MSNBC worked around their schedules to make them feel accommodated and comfortable, it seems the viewers of the network are growing impatient due to their absence.

“Joe and Mika are away together again,” said a source close to the couple. “Morning Joe is being produced as if they’re in two different locations. They are not. They are together. They are always together.”

Even though it may seem that they are kilometers apart, they are actually filming at the same place, but under different surroundings to make it look as if they were not in the same city.

However, being so adjusted to recent changes makes the Morning Joe staff impatient and anxious.

“It’s very difficult working on a show where the two stars are in a relationship,” said another source.

Their romance was kept under the radar at the very beginning since Brzezinski went through a divorce with her husband of 23 years, James Hoffer.

Scarborough is also divorced from his wife of 12 years, Susan Waren, who used to work under ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Both co-hosts have children from their previous marriages.

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