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This Gay Veteran Was So Fed Up With Democrats’ Intolerance He Walked Away to Become a Republican

War veteran, Rob Smith, wants you to know that despite being an African-American and a gay man, which would seem to place him in the Democratic party, he doesn’t believe in their ideals anymore.

Speaking with Jesse Watters on “Watters’ World” Saturday, Smith explained why he walked away from the Democratic party.

“I think for me, I got so sick of the lies, specifically what they were telling black people,” Smith said.

The Iraq war veteran said he was tired of the Democratic party pushing the message of victimhood on the black community:

So when you are a black person and you get messages from Democrats, it says that you are a victim. It says that you need us to succeed, you need us to achieve, you need this ever-expanding welfare state to be able to make something of yourself. And for me I got so tired of it and I got sick of that message that I needed them. And I got sick of that message of victimhood that they continue to push to black Americans over and over again for the last three decades of my life.

“I think Democrats use identity politics to keep people in line,” Smith added. ”To keep black people in line. To keep Latinos in line. To keep gay people in line. I’m black and gay, and I have seen them use the same tactics for black people as they do for gay people.”

Watch the video below:

Smith revealed he lost friends when he came out as a Republican, despite not losing any when he came out as a gay man.

“I have been called everything but child of God, since I came out as a Republican,” Smith said on the heavy criticism he has received. ”They call you sellout, they call you ‘Uncle Tom,’ they call you all these things. But I think that the idea is why can’t I have different ideas? Why can’t I be free thinking? Why can’t I have a victor mentality?”

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