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Tillerson Just Gave His FIRST Speech As Sec. Of State – You Must Hear These 5 Words That AMAZED Everyone

American businessman and engineer Rex Tillerson gave his first address as President Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of State on Thursday morning in Washington D.C.

Tillerson, the former Exxon chief executive officer, pointed out that before he got the call from President Trump, he was convinced he would “be entering retirement this spring after four decades of business experience.”

It seems this came out of the blue for Tillerson, who believed that he will finally have some repose after a fulfilled life as an entrepreneur but it so turned out that his life has just started.

“[Tillerson’s wife] Renda [St. Claire] and I were ready to head off to the ranch and enjoy our grandchildren,” he continued. “But when I came back from my first meeting with President Trump and he asked me to do this, Renda said, ‘you didn’t know it but you’ve been in a 41-year training program for this job.’”
“So despite our own dreams, she said you’re supposed to do this,” explained Tillerson. “Well, my first day is here, I’m on the job. Hi, I’m the new guy.

Personally, I am more than sure that Tillerson will live up to everyone’s expectations as Trump’s secretary of state, a cabinet post that bears a lot of weight and carries a lot of responsibility, especially after the turmoil and calamity that Obama has plunged the world in on a global scale.

Tillerson will have a hands full of work building bridges, improving relationships, taking down radical enemies, and reconciling belligerent countries with the U.S. paving the road to success and a better world.

But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves commenting on something that has not happened yet. These are only our speculations, and what do we know? We shall give Tillerson a chance to prove himself to us, which, personally, I think he will live up to.

H/T: Worldpoliticus

Be sure to let us know what you think of Rex Tillerson’s speech and whether you think he will do a good job as Trump’s secretary of state or not?

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