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Tom Brady Risks Everything to Say THIS About Trump

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is preparing for the Super Bowl, which is now just four days away. As if Brady didn’t have enough things on his plate right now, he is being forced to contend with a band of ignorant liberals who are coming after him due to the fact that he has never denounced Donald Trump.

Bizpac Review reported that Brady and Trump are longtime friends going back since way before the president entered politics.

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Unfortunately, Brady is now being warned by liberal journalists that he will lose his popularity if he does not publicly denounce Trump and abandon their friendship.

“Anyone of note who’s supportive of the president of the United States must recant and submit to a public flogging,” Mediaite noted. “Those who fail to comply must be named and shamed.”

Here are some headlines about Brady going into the Super Bowl:

  • Tom Brady has some explaining to do on Donald Trump
  • Prof claims Trump supporter Tom Brady ‘more un-American’ than Kaepernick
  • For Tom Brady, there’s no avoiding Donald Trump during Super Bowl week
  • Super boycott! Anti-Trump supporters skipping Super Bowl over Patriots’ ties to President.

Luckily, Brady has refused to back down and has responded by staying silent and not denouncing Trump. Patriots have taken to Twitter to defend the quarterback from this ridiculous bullying:

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