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Top Tennessee Dem Official: Trump Voters ‘Idiots,’ Trump a ‘F***stick’

A top Tennessee Democrat official who is the leading spokesperson for Democrat Phil Bredesen, the candidate running against GOP candidate Marsha Blackburn, calls Trump voters “idiots,” and refers to President Trump as “Putin’s b***h” and “f***stick.”

As The Washington Free Beacon reports, Mark Brown has quite a history of nasty rhetoric when it comes to Trump voters and the president: (the tweets have since been deleted)

A Few Thoughts About This Photo Exactly, fuck “reaching out” to Trump voters. The idiots aren’t listening.

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) July 31, 2017
@realDonaldTrump You are Putin’s bitch and a #FuckingMoron.

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) November 11, 2017 @realDonaldTrump Racist much, fuckstik? #InsaneClownPresident

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) November 22, 2017
FETUS, you insane fuck!

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) December 18, 2017
An understatent in racist America

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) November 17, 2016
Under Trump, evangelicals show their true racist colors #Truth

— Mark Brown (@Gilgamark) August 27, 2017
The Beacon reports that Scott Golden, the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, called Brown’s comments “hateful” and “reprehensible.” He said Brown was a “professional Twitter troll” who has been “expressing his party’s true sentiments about President Trump.”

Bredesen has whined about Vice President Pence’s rhetoric targeting him as a liberal:

Golden asserted, “Phony Phil Bredesen is complaining about the Vice President calling him out for what he is: a liberal. Meanwhile, professional Twitter troll and Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Mark Brown has been doing Bredesen’s dirty work and expressing his party’s true sentiments about President Trump.”

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