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TREASON: AMERICA Is Demanding JUSTICE! Obama Federal Court Scandal Explodes…

Every time you turn around, Barack Obama is in hot water again.

The good news is, President Donald Trump is on top of things.

Remember the $221 million “gift” our former president tried to send to Palestine? Pretty sick, right?

Well, wasn’t it excellent news when we learned Trump’s administration found a way to STOP that gift?

Like we said, Trump is on top of things. And after Trump’s administration recently cooperated with a federal order to reveal the infamous CIA “Torture Report,” we’re all wondering something…

Funny as this seems – and by funny, we’re not talking funny, “ha-ha,” we’re talking funny, as in “well damn, that’s suspicious” – the Barack Obama administration has covered up some damaging information for the George W. Bush administration.

Don’t believe it?

Let’s explore. Thanks to the Miami Herald for reporting.

Fact Number One: President Donald Trump’s administration said it handed over to a federal court vault in the nation’s capital a Justice Department copy of the so-dubbed Senate Torture Report.

Fact Number Two: This report is supposed to outline all the CIA’s secret prison networks during the Bush era.

Fact Number Three: Obama didn’t want to give up the report.

So the big question here is: Why?

Certainly, Obama could’ve redacted the sensitive spots, just like Trump did. Remember, Obama was the president with the pen and phone. It’d be easy enough for him to put down the phone to use the pen to redact stuff.

So why would Obama fail to release a copy of a report that could’ve very easily:

A) show just why he was right in wanting to close Guantanamo Bay and,

B) show just how terrible the Bush administration was on torture? Seems a double whammy for Team Obama – a one-two knockout win.

It’s a puzzler, all right…

And the only conclusion that can be reached is this:

There must be something – something! – in that report that Obama didn’t want to see leaked into the press, or into the minds of the American people.

Let’s go out on a wing and take a guess: Perhaps there was more in the report that showed the pluses of waterboarding, and the benefits of Gitmo, than the negatives of Team Bush and Team Torture.

So Obama decided to toss the “national security” card and act like he didn’t want to turn the report over for court scrutiny in order to protect U.S. interests.

What DIDN’T this guy try to hide? We already know that thousands of sensitive Al-Qaeda documents went missing during Obama’s tenure, and we also know he couldn’t be trusted in general.

H/T Rightjournalist

Damn good thing this guy is gone, that’s all we have to say.

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